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Introducing the Cookie Creators Club, a one-week-only opportunity to join our exclusive community of cookie decorating enthusiasts!

Our pre-recorded classes provide step-by-step guidance and teach you various techniques, even if you're an absolute beginner.

You'll gain the skills and knowledge needed to create beautifully decorated treats that will wow your family and friends.

Sign up for the Cookie Creators Club today and make your cookie decorating dreams a reality!

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The Cookie Creators Club Opens In....

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The Cookie Creators Club not only gives you the practice and guidance you need to become a master cookier, but it's also LOADED with BONUSES!

  • Step-by-Step Tutorials: pre-recorded so you can do it at your pace
  • BeskeBakes Royal Icing Recipe & Tutorials
  • BeskeBakes Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe
  • Tips & Tricks Tutorials on Rolling Out and Baking Cookies
  • Optional Decorating Kit and Cookie Cutters for Each Class
  • Deep Dive Tutorials to help with any tricky techniques
  • Baking Tool Recommendations so you're not left guessing what you need
  • Exclusive Facebook Group where you can get support, ask questions, learn from others, and show off your work!
  • Welcome Gift so you can start enjoying the perks right away!
  • A Bonus Cookie Decorating Tutorial so you can start decorating right away
  • Monthly Live Session with your instructor to ask questions and get feedback.
  • Deep Discounts exclusive only to the Cookie Creators Club
  • Work Ahead Guidelines so you don't get overwhelmed trying to do it all at once
  • Freezing and Storage Guidelines to help keep your cookies fresh
  • 13 Digital Gift Tags for every occasion to help you gift your creations
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Choose which one is right for you based on what supplies you already have.

Class Only.png__PID:ab67c178-5250-41ae-9b77-ee4f97453850

You will get a virtual, pre-recorded class so you can learn at the time, pace, and place of your choosing. 

This option is perfect for the cookier who already has a selection of cookie decorating items and colors, and doesn't  mind hand cutting their cookies.

Class + Cutters.png__PID:beab67c1-7852-40e1-ae1b-77ee4f974538

You will get the virtual class, plus the custom created cookie cutters designed specifically for your class.

This option is perfect for the cookier who already has a selection of cookie decorating items and colors, but would like to use the cookie cutters designed for the class.

Class + Cutters + Decorating Kit.png__PID:59beab67-c178-4250-a1ae-1b77ee4f9745

You will get the virtual class, the custom created cookie cutters for your class, as well as a set of decorating tools and colors needed for your specific class.

This option is perfect for the cookier who does not have decorating tools to start, and doesn't want to worry about finding all the right tools - the package comes with everything you need to cut and decorate your cookies.


Your first decorating class will be Easter, and will ship on March 5.

Future classes will be released and shipped on the dates listed below, or the first business day following the 1st if it's a weekend or holiday.
   - Fourth of July: May 1
   - Halloween: July 1
   - Thanksgiving: September 1
   - Christmas: November 1
   - Valentine's Day: January 2
   - Easter: March 1

Classes are intentionally released well in advance of the holiday to ensure you have enough time to decorate your cookies ahead of the holiday and get feedback/support if needed prior to your celebrations.

You will be charged on the 20th of the month prior to the shipping date.

For example, you will be charged on April 20 for the Fourth of July class, which will then ship on May 1. You will be charged on June 20 for the Halloween class, which will ship on July 1.


Do I need any experience?

No!  All of our classes are created with a beginner in mind, but also include some techniques to keep more experienced cookiers engaged.  We'll walk you step-by-step through every cookie design to ensure you have the instruction you need.

At what age is this appropriate for kids to start?

We typically recommend age 7 as a starting age for kids to decorate.  At that age, they typically have the motor skills and attention span to go through the class.

However, you know your kids best!  If they're particularly interested in this or a craftier kid, they could be ready to try decorating at an earlier age.

How long are the classes?

The classes generally total about 2-3 hours, depending on the complexity of the designs.

Each cookie is recorded separately, so you'll be able to learn beginning with any cookie design, and do as much or as little of the class as you'd like at one time and still end up with some amazing cookies! 

What tools do I need?

As a starting point, you'll need: a baking sheet and rolling pin, mixer (a hand mixer is fine if that's what you have), food colors, piping bags, and a toothpick. On occasion, you may need other supplies such as sanding sugar or an edible ink marker.  These are listed in the workbook for each class.   

In the welcome package, we provide recommendations for what to buy for each of these items.  We also have a beginner cookie decorating that includes most items you need to begin decorating.

How many classes am I comitting to?

When you sign up, you're only committed to that first class.  But, we hope you stick around and continue to enhance your cookie decorating skills!

What will I learn in the class?

In every class, you'll learn about outlining and flooding cookies, as well as some variety of wet-on-wet techniques and wet-on-dry techniques.  We discuss all the basics you need to know about decorating.

Additional techniques vary by class.  We try to give you a variety of techniques so you're constantly learning something new.

What level of support can I expect?

Your instructor will walk you step-by-step through the decorating process during each class.  On top of that, you'll also receive several "Tips & Tricks" tutorials in your class to help you roll out and bake your cookies, make your royal icing, and find the right consistencies for your icing.  We also create "Deep Dive" tutorials for techniques that end up being particularly tricky for members.

Can I ask questions and get personalized feedback?

Yes!  Our private Facebook group for the Cookie Creators Club is always avaialble for you to ask questions or get feedback.  Additionally, once a month there is a Facebook live where you can do the same.


Let's Decorate Together

We want nothing more than to help you become the cookier you always wanted to be!  

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